About AWA

Granting You Peace Of Mind

Africa Welfare Association (AWA), a nonprofit, is a pioneer provider of services to it’s Diaspora members
in the event of loss of life. We are entrusted with the welfare of the African Diaspora globally. AWA was set up in
response to the ever growing demand for services at a critical time. With trusted partners, AWA will offer you benefits wherever you are in the world.

100% Repatriation Expenses

We facilitate the preparation and return of the deceased to their home country.

Travel Arrangements

We cover travel expenses for the enrolled spouse and enrolled dependent children.

Additional Expenses

We guarantee a home country cover that will not exceed in case of death.

Local Arrangements

AWA will facilitate and make relevant arrangements for local cremation or burial.

What Are The Benefits?

At some point we have been with a grieving family or friend and come to learn that none of us are ever prepared to leave this world. When the time comes, we shall leave everything including our loved ones behind and go. With proper planning you can alleviate the burden of the expense associated with your untimely departure at a time when your family and loved ones are grieving.

Quick Processing

We guarantee fast processing of claims regardless of where you are in the world.

100% Guarantee

We will work closely with your family to provide a seamless and efficient process

Travel Arrangements

For all enrolled spouses and enrolled dependent children under 21 years.

Peace Of Mind

AWA will facilitate all arrangements and payments on behalf of all our members.

Get Started Today

For about $0.50 a day, our services can help you alleviate the financial burden experienced by your loved ones. Membership is open to all Africans in the Diaspora.


Added Benefits – Coming Soon!

Africa Welfare Association is in negotiation with a major airline to offer discounted airfares for enrolled member spouse and enrolled dependent children to be utilized at any time of the year, unrelated to a funeral.