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What is AWA?

Africa Welfare Association (AWA) is a pioneer provider of services to it’s Diaspora members in the event of loss of life. We are entrusted with the welfare of the African Diaspora globally. AWA was set up in response to the ever growing demand for services at a critical time. With trusted partners, AWA will offer you benefits wherever you are in the world.


We facilitate the preparation and return of the deceased to their home.


In the event of a member’s demise, the spouse and dependent children under 18 years will receive round-trip economy class tickets to accompany their loved one.


We offer free advice on all aspects of repatriation, including matters related to local and international requirements.

What Are The Benefits?

Quick Processing

of claims regardless of where you are in the world. Join us Today!

100% Guarantee

satisfaction of products offered. We will work closely with your family to provide a seamless and efficient process.

Travel Arrangements

will be made for the spouse and dependent children under 18 years to attend burial in home country.

Peace of Mind

No more fundraising! AWA will facilitate all arrangements and payments on behalf of members.