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What will AWA do for Me?

  • Cover the costs associated with returning a member’s body back to their home country in the event of death. We can also arrange for a local cremation or burial.
  • Embalming and preparation of the deceased with assigned funeral home to facilitate international transportation.
  • Provision of zinc-lined coffins and metal caskets conforming to international transportation regulations.
  • Travel assistance services  to facilitate travel plans for the enrolled spouse and enrolled dependent children under 18 years to home country.  * See Terms & Conditions
  • Advice on all aspects of repatriation including matters related to local and international documentation and transportation requirements.

Why Should I be a Member?

In the event of a member’s death, AWA will facilitate the preparation and return of the deceased to their home.We can also arrange for local cremation or burial.

In the event of a member’s death, travel expenses for the enrolled spouse and enrolled dependent children will be covered.* See Terms & Conditions

Will be covered in home country not to exceed $2,000

Added Benefits – Coming Soon!

Airline Discounts – AWA is negotiating with a major airline to offer discounted airfares for members to be utilized at any time of the year, unrelated to a funeral.